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All-Seeing IPA
8% ABV. 100 IBU. 7.5 SRM.
CBBC brewers’ favorite beer to brew and drink! Surely a brewer’s dream to be dumping so many giant additions of Columbus, Citra, and Amarillo hops into this bold but smooth IPA – A craft beer lover’s dream to have big hop flavor & aroma with a subtle, sleek malt profile.
Séance Session IPA 
4.2% ABV. 95 IBU. 4 SRM.
Séance Session may be a low gravity session style IPA, but don’t be fooled by the 4.2% ABV. With 95 IBUs and an overly generous amount of dry hops, Séance Session packs a lot of flavor! Citra and Sorachi Ace hops gives this session brew a pungent herbal and tropical aroma that will be noticed upon the very first sip. After this initial burst of hop flavor, you're left with grapefruit, dill, and smooth final bitterness. Honey malt in the grain bill lends a smooth creamy mouth-feel and imparts a solid body for a session ale.
Coconut Porter (Porter with Coconut Added)
5.2% ABV. 24 IBU. 30 SRM.
Our traditional Brown Porter is brewed with English Dark Malts to give it the perfect balance of roasted grain and smooth chocolate flavor. Our twist on this classic style comes from the addition of real toasted coconut, giving our Porter a subtle hint of delicious tropical flavor.
Jamaican-Style Wheat (Wheat Ale with Mango & Hibiscus added)
4.5% ABV. 15 IBU. 
From the land of wood and water comes a wheat-based ale with a Jamaican twist! A unique blend of ingredients makes this vivid burgundy ale an instant favorite. Pure mango flavors and real dried hibiscus flowers create a beer with an herbal & floral aroma & taste. Balanced hints of mango are noticeable upon first sip while a refreshing tart and botanical finish leaves your palate craving more. Garnish with a lime to elevate taste and aroma.
Cold Weather Wheat (Dark Wheat Ale Brewed with Cranberries)
8.0% ABV. 24 IBU. 25 SRM. 
Our Cold Weather Wheat is a Black Wheat Ale inspired by cold winter nights. Wheat, 2 Row, Roasted Wheat malt with an addition of real cranberries creates an exciting new style of beer for the winter months. Tart cranberry flavor from the first sip is complemented by the light body of the 2 Row & Wheat and then washes out with smooth roasted notes followed by a deep chocolate finish. At 8% ABV, this drinkable winter warmer is deceptively smooth and refreshing.
FOREWARNED! (Belgian Style Tripel Ale) 
9.3% ABV. 20 IBU. 6.2 SRM.
Our version of a Belgian Strong Ale that is golden in color, full bodied, and smooth. The complex flavors and aromas derived from the Trappist yeast strain can be described as spicy, phenolic, and sweet. Like other well crafted Tripels, our Tripel hides its higher alcohol content deceptively well, making this brew dangerously tasty. Recommended serving size is a 10 ounce pour.
Black Magic
11% ABV. 48 IBU. 38 SRM.
Black Magic is an Imperial Oatmeal Stout with loads of roasted notes and oatmeal goodness. The addition of rolled oats creates an added amount of body and creaminess in the mouthfeel. The black coffee and chocolate notes are subtle and smooth, making this a well-rounded stout with a warming side at 11%.
Onyx IPA
8.4% ABV. 93 IBU. 29 SRM.
A roasty flavor-bomb! Pale chocolate malt and other dark malts, in combination with Chinook, Centenial, and Simcoe hops, pack this Cascadian Dark Ale full of hop-goodness and memorable maltiness. At 8.4% ABV, this is a great beer to sip during cooler months. 
4.2% ABV. 18 IBU. 4 SRM.
A Munich-style Helles lager with a bread-like malt profile that finishes with a light, crisp hop bitterness. This is an easy drinking beer that can be enjoyed any time, any place, and by all levels of craft beer enthusiasts.
Project 70 Pale Ale  
5.2% ABV. 47 IBU. 8 SRM.
A golden colored, light ale, with a clean, fresh hop bitterness and a subtle malt backbone. A simple grain bill and the addition of all Amarillo hops gives this beer spicy, sharp citrus notes that finish with a mild bitterness and a pleasant malt character.
5.5% ABV. 23 IBU. 12 SRM.
Chocolate Milk Stout
35 SRM 6%, 25 IBU
Our CMS is a dark brew with hints of chocolate and roasted malts in the aroma.  From the addition of pure cacao flavoring, this beer is dominated by chocolate but possesses subtle hints of roasted coffee. Brewed with lactose and flaked oats, this stout has a rich, creamy mouth-feel that ends with a mild residual sweetness and slightly bitter chocolatey cacao note, which lends a big body to this rich, tasty milk chocolate stout.
Crystal's Light (Wheat Ale)
5% ABV.
Crystal's Light is our answer for those who want to drink craft brews but may typically enjoy light-beers. It's also good for those who work in a brewery all day and don't want to be sloshed by noon! ( :

Breakfast Stout with Bacon

5% ABV. 27 IBU. 38 SRM.
Our CBBC Stout is a true “Breakfast Beer.” Adding oatmeal in the grain bill and real local smoked bacon post-fermentation gives our Stout a great smokey flavor and rich mouth-feel. This beer may sound like a meal, but at 5% ABV, it's truly sessionable.

There are always exciting styles in the works!